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A long time ago in a small town far away...

...I was born. What? Were you expecting something epic or even out of the ordinary?

I'm a full-stack web developer from Lake Isabella, CA. It's a small, rural area with a population of around 3,000 people — most of whom are retired.

I was first introduced to programming in an introductory C++ course at Bakersfield Community College when I was studying mechanical and electrical engineering. The use of logic to solve problems in pieces really appealed to me.

But it was web development that really caught my attention. The web is a universal platform with a global reach that allows anyone to be a creator and a publisher. The web can be used to build communities of people who have never met, and it can allow a small business in the middle of nowhere to be found by customers on the other side of the country.

I began teaching myself JavaScript in mid-2012 and got my first job as a developer only a week later. In the months that followed, I learned a lot by being thrown in the deep end. I learned about Linux, databases, PHP, and as much as I could take in.

Although it would be accurate to say that I am self-taught, I have been working on FreeCodeCamp. I have been working towards (and almost completed) my front-end certificate as a means of having some proof of being able to do what I have already been doing for many years now.


A melted glacier lake seen on a backpacking trip to Templte Crag

Although programming is a logical process that usually involves being indoors sitting at a computer, I am very much so an active, outdoors kind of guy. I'm known to hike directly up a mountain in 100°+ weather just because I got tired of sitting.

At a Meetup group event playing and drinking at the Rook & Rogue



HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript SVG


Apache PHP MySQL Sqlite3 PostgreSQL Composer


Git NPM Jekyll React
Webpack Babel PostCSS CSSNext eslint stylelint

Tools and software

Atom Inkscape Gimp Ubuntu Fedora
GitHub Travis-CI